© Sterck and Rozo _ Gabriel/Strength of God

Gabriel/Strength of God, 30 x 40″ C-Print


© Sterck and Rozo _ The Here and Now

Energy/Matter was influenced by a movement among scientists and mathematicians concerning the existence of God. They pose the question: can science reach beyond physical reality and prove that a divine being or force oversees the universe?
In Tulane University’s mathematician, Frank Tippler’s book, “The Physics Of Immortality”, the proof of the existence of God lies in his “Omega Point Theory”. According to this theory, the entire cosmos will eventually be united in the mathematical equivalent of the sum of all points in time and space. Essentially, at the end of history, billions of years from now, “ life will evolve to its ultimate future – the Omega Point (God), the point of infinite knowledge (omniscience) and occupation and control of the universe ( omnipresence and omnipotence). Nothing more can happen.


The Here and Now, 60 x 40″ C-Prints, diptych

The figure in The Here and Now is in front of a cosmic hour glass with the sand on top representing the future and the sand on the bottom the past. The middle is the here and now.


© Sterck and Rozo _ Three Figures 8

Three Figures 8, 30 x 40″ C-Print