© Sterck and Rozo _ The Great Dune

The Great Dune, 40 x 30″ C-print


Katleen Sterck, originally from Brussels, and Terry Rozo, the original “Latin from Manhattan” have been collaborating for over ten years as Sterck and Rozo. Their work has been shown both nationally and internationally in numerous group and solo shows. Sterck and Rozo have been past recipients of the prestigious Tiffany Award and The Flemish Community Award. The artists divide their time between New York City, Provincetown, Massachusetts and Belgium. They are represented by the Frederieke Taylor Gallery in New York.


“By fusing the foreknown with the indecipherable, by upending nature with nature’s own exactitude, Sterck & Rozo seduce us into re-imagining the world we thought we knew.” (Chris Millis, The Boston Phoenix)